• Axinan

Algorithm Scientist, Singapore

What will you do?

  • Research and design algorithms, including deep learning and object recognition (detection and classification)

  • Design data driven systems for risk control, fraud detection, recommendation, customer segmentation, adaptive pricing etc.

  • Test and verify algorithms overall efficiency of the model.

  • Consistently work to enhance the overall performance of the model.

What should you have?

  • PhD/Master’s Degree in Computer Science/ Mathematics, or fields related.

  • Prior experience of independent algorithm research.

  • Experience in Python, R or Scala.

  • Experience in Hadoop, Spark, Tensorflow or any frameworks related.

  • Knowledge in supervised/unsupervised learning, classification/clustering algorithms, feature engineering/optimization

  • Experience in deep learning, reinforcement learning, personalized search and recommendation, user/seller behavior modeling, marketing algorithms preferred.

  • Experience with visualization software to convert models/insights into simple, business sell-in stories is a plus.

  • Outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills.

  • Self-motivated, innovative, and proactive. Willing to learn new knowledge and explore unfamiliar domains.





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